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SMTT 2.0 can only be used with a valid license as described in the manual (see below).
Please contact the author of SMTT for further details:

Click here to download the newest version of SMTT 2.0 (v2.5.1).
Notice: SMTT 2.0 does not start without a valid license key.

Available Licences

SMTT 2.0 offers several different license options for your needs. Licenses differ in the kind of use that is allowed and in the number of users.
With all licenses you will get a License.key file that grants you the right to use SMTT 2.0 for the duration of one year.

A private customer that does intent to use the software on his own and for personal use only has to purchase a "non-commercial" license priced as low as 4.99 Euro.

Commercial Licences are required for any kind of commercial use. Including, but not limited to, editorial publications, hardware reviews, freelancer and all others that incorporate SMTT 2.0 directly or results from SMTT 2.0 as parts of their work.

Commercial License Options
Up to 2 users / Workstations50 Euro
Up to 10 users / Workstations100 Euro
Unlimited users, limited to one country150 Euro
Unlimited users, worldwide use250 Euro

SMTT 2.0 direct order:

Notice: Sale of SMTT 2.0 has stopped!

Customers with valid licences may download the newest version and use it with their already shipped licence key.
SMTT 2.0 may be available in the future at different conditions.

SMTT 2.0 Manual

German Manual SMTT 2.0 Handbuch, Revision 1.1
English Manual SMTT 2.0 Manual, Revision 1.1

Old versions of the manual for SMTT 2.0 up to v2.0.4:
German Manual SMTT 2.0 Handbuch, Revision 1.0
English Manual SMTT 2.0 Manual, Revision 1.0

Old versions of SMTT are no longer supported.

If you have any questions regarding the commercial use of SMTT, please feel free to contact the developer directly: