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SMTT 2.0 news 11/01/2012: Sales halted!

Due to various personal reasons the sale of SMTT 2.0 is halted.

Users with already purchased valid licenses may continue downloading SMTT 2.0 from the Downloads-section.
It might be possible that SMTT 2.0 will be available again at changed conditions. Stay tuned - SMTT 2.0 is not dead.

SMTT 2.0

With SMTT 2.0 you will save time: Optimized outputs speed up the time-consuming evaluation process of every single photo taken and increase the accuracy of your readings. The brand new user interface is optimized for the highest possible ease of use. Get the best performance, get the easiest handling: Get SMTT 2.0!

SMTT 2.0 Release Date: November 16th, 2011

SMTT 2.0 Splashscreen:
SMTT Splashscreen

The support for old SMTT revision prior than SMTT 2.0 ended on 16th of November 2011. Please upgrade to SMTT 2.0.

If you have any questions regarding the commercial use of SMTT, please feel free to contact the developer directly: